Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So Grown Up

In the last week Doodle has revealed signs that she is growing up fast. Here is the evidence:
1. She ice skates on her own during Tootle's lesson every Saturday, without complaining about being alone on the ice.
2. Tootle, the natural athlete, is already a faster, more secure skater than Doodle, but Doodle doesn't mind. She is proud of her sister.
3. On Monday, Doodle did Tootle's hair (a sporty ponytail) and tied her sneakers. Doodle even gave her a lesson on how to tie shoes.
4. She made my bed and did the dishes!
5. The latest/greatest sign is the cooking class that she is taking after school once a week, starting today. She made yummy ravioli lasagna and garlic bread for the whole family. We could get used to depending on her to cook dinner once a week, but at least for the next five weeks, we will be dining well on Tuesday nights (next week, salmon burgers and sweet potato fries). Tootle even declared that Doodle is a good "cooker."
Life is good.

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