Monday, March 19, 2007


Just as Tootle, Doodle, Doodle's friend, and I were about to leave the ice yesterday after about an hour of skating, a teenager zoomed into me and sent me flying backwards. My head landed on the ice with a thunk and apparently my flying feet also took Tootle down. I must have been out of it for a moment because she was back on her feet before I even sat up (I only learned later about the domino effect of the fall). I haven't fallen on the ice in years so it really surprised me; it also surprised me how quickly the bump on my head grew and how much my jaw hurt last night and my ribs and neck continue to hurt today. Fortunately my head is just tender today so I'll somewhat capable of working.

It's somewhat strange that this accident occurred when it did. My 80-year-old uncle died on Saturday after falling at his home and being discovered on Friday. He lived alone so nobody knows how long he was unconscious; he was found by a car service worker who came to pick him up for an appointment. He was long divorced and had no children and few friends, so there will likely be no service. How sad to be so alone in your old age. He was one of four children in my dad's family: my dad died in his late 40s of lung cancer, his older sister died a few years ago, and his younger sister is doing well and is the proud grandparent of three girls, two of whom were adopted from China by my cousin and her husband. I never knew my uncle well, perhaps because he and my dad were so different, and as an adult I have always lived at least 100 miles away. My uncle had two passions: cars and dogs, neither of which gave us a connection point. My brother, who lives nearby, helped him out in many ways and shared an interest in both cars and dogs. I am thankful that he had my brother in his life. I hope he is resting in peace and is no longer so alone.

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