Thursday, April 30, 2009


Doodle is growing into a lovely young woman. Sometimes I want to stop the clock, but mostly I'm excited to see how she matures and evolves as a person. I'm proud of my determined, friendly, funny, curious girl. I'm in awe of her talents as a musician, a patient and kind teacher, an athlete who never quits, and even as a bubble gum-blowing whistler (two skills that I could never master).
This picture was taken at the American Girl Cafe a few weeks ago. The box that looks like a present contains questions to start the conversation at dinner (they're called Table Talkers). Doodle loves the Table Talkers game. If she were playing Table Talkers right now, I would ask her what she thinks this year will hold for her. As she gets ready to enter the middle school years, I think it will be a year of exciting changes and new opportunities.


Joan said...

Happy Birthday Doodle!


Donna said...

Happy Birthday! She really is a beautiful young girl!