Thursday, June 14, 2007


Doodle has always been a cautious kid: she didn't learn to walk until she was sure she could do it well so she was almost 14 months (no drunken sailor staggering for her); she is afraid to take her skates off the ice so she waddles instead of glides; and multiple attempts to learn to ride a bike have been unsuccessful because she was afraid of falling and would get easily frustrated. Until today. Tonight both Doodle and Tootle mastered the bike. I don't know if it was because it was an unseasonably cool day or the end of school or the planets were in alignment, but something clicked for both of them--and with no fussing or frustration. I was so proud of both girls as they shouted encouragement to each other and laughed as the breeze blew through their hair. Once they have a little more practice, I'll have to unearth my bike from the garage so we can go for family bike rides.

Tootle is a natural athlete so I knew that learning to ride a bike would be easy for her, and it was. My fear was that Tootle would learn first, causing great sibling strife. Fortunately Doodle started to ride on her own first, followed about 10 minutes later by Tootle.

The funny thing is that while Doodle is cautious about physical activities, she loves wild amusement park rides; has never been afraid of Santa or any larger than life character; and has no trouble performing or speaking in front of a crowd (she even won an award for her presentation skills at yesterday's school awards ceremony).

At bedtime, Tootle told me that the next thing she wants to learn to do is to ride her bike standing up. I think she's going to be a "look mom, no hands" kid.

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