Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sleeping Cap

Tootle decided that she would fall asleep faster if she wore her preschool graduation cap. Perhaps it will lead her to have a dream about being a doctor. The other day she asked me who doctors go to when they need medical attention. The question led to a 10-minute discussion of various medical specialties, including ENTs and plastic surgeons, of course.

Tootle is a bit out of sorts this week because her best friend is in Turkey until early August. Tootle alternates between asking when they can have a playdate and when we are going to Turkey. I think she expects us to hop on a plane for that playdate that she wants so badly. It doesn't help that her other neighborhood pal is also out of town and several of her other friends are in day camps. Doodle is also going to camp for the next several weeks, so Tootle is quite lonely. I need to arrange a playdate for her STAT.

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