Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Playing by Ear

From the time that she started to play the piano, Doodle has shown some talent for playing by ear and for writing her own compositions. She also can take a simple tune and translate it to an instrument that she has never played before, like her friends' violas or cellos. But what she did last night left me awestruck. While listening to the High School Musical 2 CD, Doodle took out her flute, whispered "This one starts with F," and began to jam. In most parts of the two songs that she chose to accompany (You Are the Music in Me and What Time Is It?), she played all the same notes as those in the song. In other parts, she improvised, and it sounded terrific. The kid has only been playing flute for a month, about the same amount of time that I played the clarinet in fourth grade before giving up in frustration. I know Doodle won't be giving up, although it's likely that she will add other instruments to her arsenal. She already wants to learn guitar next summer. Play on, Doodle, play on.

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Beverly said...

Oh I hope and pray Glenys has that kind of talent. Fostered, Doodle can go far.