Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where's George?

In removing a dollar bill from my pocket last night, I noticed some red text at the bottom of the bill. It reads "Track this bill at WheresGeorge.com." I've heard of Where's George but had never received, or more accurately hadn't noticed if I received, a marked bill before. Doodle wanted to rush to the computer, but it was her bedtime and I put her off for a day. Tonight after Tootle went to bed and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ended, Doodle and I registered on the site and recorded our bill's information. Unfortunately we were the first to register this bill so it has only traveled six miles, but we quickly discovered that we could look at the travel routes of all the registered bills that passed through our zip code. We spent 30 minutes on the site, discovering bills that have gone coast to coast and one that has been to Aruba. I know that we will be going back again to check on our bill. We will also be examining our bills a bit closer. Doodle and I are still deciding where and on what we will use the bill. She wants me to take it on a business trip, but I don't have one scheduled for a while.

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Mutha said...

YAY! I am a proud Where's George member. It's so much fun to show my three year old where the bills travel. Hopefully when she gets older, she will participate with me. I mark my bills with a Wheres George stamp and a little ladybug.