Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Slow Dangerous Train

During a water break at Doodle's soccer practice the other night, the girls talked politics. It appears that the whole team is in Obama's corner, so they decided to come up with a few anti-McCain slogans. Clearly McCain's age was on the girls' minds because this is what they came up with:

McCain Needs a Cane
McCain is as Slow as an Old Train

I'm so saddened and frightened by the venomous campaign this week. I can't believe that Sarah Palin would listen to someone in the crowd shout "Kill him" and not say anything to calm down the frenzied masses. I'm beginning to think that this woman is made of stone. Any remaining admiration/respect that I had for John McCain is now gone. I love fall, especially October, but I want this one to be over fast and for the vipers to go away so this country can heal.

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elizabeth said...

Those little slogans are hilarious! I wish I lived in an area like yours, populated by Democrats.

McCain is a huge pain!