Friday, October 10, 2008


The girls had a day off school yesterday, so I took a vacation day. We decided to drop off some toys and Halloween costumes the girls have outgrown at a local consignment store. This is my new strategy to clear out the old stuff; it seems like soccer season puts a serious crimp in my ability to have a yard sale. I have an appointment to take holiday dresses in later this month.

Anyway, Tootle spied a pair of Ugg boots in her size. She tried them on and loved them, so I bought them because they were about one fifth their original cost and in excellent condition ($18, originally $90). What I didn't think about as I whipped out my cash was Doodle's displeasure that they didn't have any in her size. She started scouring the Internet for a pair almost as soon as she got home. If we don't find a discounted pair at the consignment store or on e-Bay in the next month, I likely will be paying retail. I'll just have to justify it as spending $108 for two pair, or $54 a pair. It looks like a big chunk of my first check from the consignment shop will be going to Uggs.

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