Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prayer Requests

Two friends are in my thoughts and prayers this week:

  • J, a military doctor who left for a one-year tour of duty in Iraq yesterday. J is a neighbor and the dad of one of Doodle's best friends, S. Today is S's birthday and she was pretty disappointed that her dad had to leave before her big day. He was here for his son's graduation from high school last week. The son is spending a gap year teaching in China so they will be a global family over the next year.
  • B, the mom of Tootle's best friend, who has suffered from seizures due to temporal lobe epilepsy for several years (basically ever since we've known her; it appears to have started shortly after the birth of E, almost 7 years ago). After trying many medications and alternative therapies, and seeing her health continue to deteriorate, B is having the first of two brain surgeries next week, to be followed by a second one a week later. She'll be in a New York hospital for 2-3 weeks total, and there is a chance that she may experience personality or speech changes as a result of the surgery. B seems secure in the knowledge that she is making the right decision and has sent out a letter asking for prayers. I cried when I read the letter even though I already knew many of the details.

The more people who pray for these two wonderful people, the better.

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