Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Curtain

Curtain of hair that is. When we arrived at Doodle's recent band concert about 40 minutes before show time, I was happy to see that she would be seated where I could capture her with my trusty zoom lens. I wasn't counting on the curtain of hair that would totally obscure her face.
Or the music stand that blocks the view of someone who is only 55 inches tall.
I did manage to get 1 or 2 decent shots.
I always leave Doodle's concerts amazed by how well an elementary school band/orchestra can perform when they are led by an unbelievably talent/Pied Piper type of instrumental music teacher. The band is 122 members strong, and the orchestra probably has at least 60; almost 75 percent of the kids in the school participate in instrumental music. I didn't hear a single wrong note (not that I'm an expert, but there truly was nothing cringe-worthy), and the music lingered in my brain for hours after the concert. Bravo, Doodle and friends.

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