Saturday, May 30, 2009

Four Years Ago

Four years ago today, Tootle completed our family in a civil affairs office in Hangzhou. She loves hearing about how she peed on me during the cab ride back to the hotel. She was so scared; I can't imagine being an almost three year old and being handed over to strangers who look and talk funny. Within an hour, Tootle was laughing and smiling as she blew bubbles and played with her sister. Within 1.5 hours, we were taking a required photo and Tootle didn't want to cooperate at all. Within two hours, we were on a shopping expedition to find new shoes for Tootle (pink sneakers that Tootle didn't want to take off for days). Life hasn't slowed down since then. Tonight, after a busy day of soccer and end of school year activities (Tootle saw Up with her teacher, an honor she won by being one of the highest bidder in the school's silent auction), I picked up Chinese food to celebrate this wonderful occasion. In six days my baby turns 7. It seems like the next time I blink, she'll be 11.


Donna said...

Happy anniversary! I'm sure the last four years has just flown by!

AZMom said...

Happy Family Day!!!

RamblingMother said...

Happy belated family day and birthday Tootle. What a fun party you had. And way to go Doodle and the band. Hope you have a wonderful summer. Can't wait to see what you girls are up to this summer.