Friday, May 15, 2009

Wiped Out by Williamsburg

Last week I accompanied Doodle and her fellow 5th graders on an overnight field trip to Williamsburg and Jamestown. I feel like I'm still recovering from it; I've been wiped out all week. I shared a room with Doodle and three of her friends: they got the two double beds and I slept on the chair that folded out into a cot. Fifth graders have a lot of energy as well as a lot of curiosity about our nation's history. It makes for a good combination; I can't wait to go with Tootle in four years.

P.S. The girls are holding hands in the photo at top right because they are headed to hear nighttime ghost stories. They sat through three stories about vampires, cannibals, and pirates clutching each others' hands, but they stayed. A few kids were so terrified that they had to wait outside.

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Donna said...

I remember taking that trip as a child with my family. Glad you had a great (if exhausting) time!