Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tonight's bedtime conversation with Doodle made me chuckle.

Doodle: Wouldn't it be great if we could erase all the mistakes that we've made in life?

Me: What mistakes have you made?

Doodle: Buying too many stuffed animals, especially Web*kinz. I packed some of them up; maybe they'll be worth something some day. (I didn't burst her bubble.)

An amused me, probing a bit more: Have you made any other mistakes?

Doodle: Not finding out more about cooking camp before going. (Both girls are at cooking camp this week; Doodle has a few issues with how the camp is being run. Tootle seems to be happy to cook and eat her way through the day.)

After a moment of silence, Doodle asked me what mistakes I would erase. I replied that I would have to think about the question before answering it because a change could have unforeseen consequences and result in changes to things that I love about my life. We agreed that correcting her "mistakes" would not alter the state of the world:)


Calico Sky said...

I recently found your site and love it! I'm hoping to be a single mom through adoption and was a foster mom, this conversation reminds me of some of the adorable chats I had with my kiddos!

Donna said...

Pretty deep conversation!

PS we've made that stuffed animals mistake too!