Thursday, July 9, 2009


I only travel for business 1-2 times a year, with one of the trips always falling in the summer for 5-6 days. The girls began a tradition 2-3 years ago where they write me a note or card for each day that I'm gone; I pack them in my carry on bag and open one from each girl every morning right after my shower. This year's cards, enjoyed last week when I was in Boston, were particularly fun. Doodle's were motivational, urging me to be happy and wave my hands with the Red S0x fans. Her cards were created by Emma's Cards Inc. and had a smiley face logo. Tootle pulled at my heart strings, telling me each day that she missed me. On Monday she wrote: "I hope you are haveing a good time. I can't wait till you come home." On this trip I work 14 hour days and have to be on 24-7 so overall it's not a good time, but I appreciated Tootle's sentiments. Both girls also taped money into their cards one day; silly kids.

I also get e-mails from both girls when I'm traveling. Last week when I didn't respond to one of Tootle's quickly enough, I got another one demanding to know why I hadn't answered her.

I leave a grab bag of small presents for the girls to open when I'm gone. This year's gifts included books, Japanese erasers (all the rage in our area this summer), and hair do dads.

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