Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Picture That Says More Than 1,000 Words

I snapped this picture a few weeks ago when we were at my aunt's house for a family reunion, and it's significance escaped me until I printed some of the photos this week. This picture perfectly captures my daughters' personalities. Tootle is practically jumping out of the picture; she is exuberant and joyful and lives life large. She keeps me entertained, and I marvel at her strength of character and leadership traits. Doodle is more reserved, refined, and cautious. Her smile is the one that makes a teacher, or a mom or a friend, feel better when they are having a bad day. She is generous, and had no problem sharing the swing with her sister when she asked. I'm so grateful that my girls are so different; it makes life so much more interesting.

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tiffany said...

That is fantastic. I have searched for a photo of all three of mine that show who they all are and that is TRICKY. Love the photo and what it shows about each girl. :)