Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sounds of Music

Doodle spent the last three weeks at a music day camp, where she got to focus on learning the flute. At Friday's recital she and her fellow flutists performed "Love Me Tender." It's amazing how much you can learn in three weeks. I also heard how much the guitarists, cellists, violinists, pianists, etc., learned, which meant that the recital was 90 minutes long. One hour later came the second performance of the day, with the kids showing off what they accomplished in the camp's musical theater program. I didn't really need to attend the show since Doodle and her friend had been belting out the numbers in the car for the past 10 days, but it was fun to see all the 1st through 6th graders perform. Doodle even taught Tootle to chime in during "Downtown," a song whose lyrics are now ingrained in my brain. Doodle is very enthusiastic about continuing to play the flute so we'll be looking to either rent or buy a flute soon.

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