Friday, August 10, 2007

Same Camp, Different Result

Last summer both Tootle and Doodle went to gymnastics camp for two weeks. At the end of camp show each week, Tootle didn't really participate, simply doing a few somersaults while looking like a zombie.

This year I expected it to be different from day 1 because I caught Tootle doing the top secret moves around the house, and she repeatedly told me that I would scream from happiness during the show. What a difference a year makes. Tootle was up front and center stage during her age group's portion of the show, dancing around with great expression and effortlessly doing three cartwheels that our family's official photographer for the event, Doodle, was not able to capture except as a blur. Doodle didn't go to gymnastics camp this year; she chose to go to math camp, something that I'm pretty proud of her for doing. She also did a good job with the photography. In the second photo, Tootle is running over to us after taking her bows.

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