Friday, August 3, 2007

Single Parenthood and Travel

Sometimes being a single parent is harder than other times. This especially comes into focus when I am on business travel. I've just returned from 6 days away from home. This trip was especially hard for Doodle because a classmate's dad died on a business trip over spring break, and Doodle had convinced herself that I wasn't coming back, just like her friend's dad. I reassured her until I was practically blue in the face, left little presents for both girls to open every day, checked in by phone daily, and exchanged e-mail with Doodle every day, but she still was a bit apprehensive. I'm relieved to be home again, and fortunately I don't have another business trip for at least three months.

Ever since Doodle was a baby, she has punished me when I return from a trip. When she was 15 months old, I was a bit hurt when she turned her head away as I hugged her tight when we were reunited (even if the standoffishness only lasted for 15 minutes). Now I expect her to misbehave or have a meltdown of some sort. She didn't disappoint, probably because she had been worried for six whole days, and I was the only one to whom she could unleash her anxiety. Everything is back to normal now; routine is a wonderful thing.

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Beverly said...

Glad to know your Doodle is happy again. It is hard to be a child with adult sized anxieties.