Friday, September 28, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

Ever since school started, more than a month ago already, Tootle has consistently wanted the same breakfast: french toast. Her love affair with french toast began less than a week before school started; before then she always turned up her nose at it. While french toast takes a bit more effort than I want to spend on breakfast on a weekday, I'm happy that she is eating well (she always cleans her plate), especially since she finds it a challenge to finish her lunch in the time allowed.

Tootle's penchant for french toast may be beginning to fade a bit. This week she requested soup one morning and hard boiled eggs another day; today it was back to french toast. On the day that she had hard boiled eggs, Tootle's kindergarten teacher surveyed the class about what they had for breakfast (they are doing a social studies unit on grocery stores). Tootle was the only one who had eggs. The most popular choices were cereal, followed by waffles, Tootle reported. One girl had oatmeal, which led Tootle to ask to have it someday soon. Perhaps oatmeal will become the next breakfast obsession.

I'm glad Doodle hasn't been surveyed. She is an unconventional breakfast eater. This week she has had pizza, ramen noodles, chicken nuggets, fries, and today cereal. She doesn't love breakfast foods so she frequently has dinner for breakfast.

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