Friday, September 14, 2007


Doodle has had a bad week. Yesterday she had four adult teeth extracted by the oral surgeon in preparation for getting her full set of braces later this month (another day I'm not looking forward to). Doodle's teeth are far too large for her petite mouth. Her overcrowding is so severe that expanders wouldn't have worked, so we had to go the old fashioned route. Phase I has resulted in straight, uncrowded front teeth, but now the rest of the teeth need to corrected. Doodle won't have as many teeth as most people, but they will be beautiful.

The extraction itself went smoothly, but the aftermath did not. The gaping holes in Doodle's mouth did not stop bleeding for four hours. She wasn't willing to eat or drink until the bleeding stopped so that meant that she went from 10 p.m. the night before to 2 p.m. the next day without any food or drink. By the time clamping down on a sponge for an hour finally got the wounds to clot, she was feeling rather weak and a bit dizzy. In the meantime, Tootle kept complaining that it wasn't a fun day even though Nana took her to the playground twice and we played multiple games. I guess she equates a day when Mommy stays home as a fun day, and I didn't deliver the goods. (Both girls had a day off school for Rosh Hashana.)

To top it all off, Doodle had a nosebleed at 1 a.m. Pink eye, teeth extractions, and a nosebleed in one week. We have gone through a lot of tissues this week. TGIF.

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