Saturday, September 8, 2007

No. 9

Doodle played in her first soccer game in five years today. Doodle last played on a team when she was 4 years old, mainly because her preschool buddies were playing and they asked her to join in. She hated the chaotic pack mentality of preschool soccer and refused to play after that season, explaining that it was "too crowded." Last year she began to play at recess, and this summer she asked to join a team. The team, which is recreational rather than super competitive, is coached by the dad of one of her best friends. Today, Doodle, AKA No. 9, played defender, and her team won, 4-3. This team only won one game last season, so perhaps they will have more wins this year. Whether they win or lose, it's a great group of kids, and Doodle is having fun.

Tootle also loves soccer and showed quite a bit of promise in the soccer clinic/class that she participated in last fall. She's doing a similar program this fall. I'm holding off on putting her on a team until next year, so that she too doesn't get scared off by the pack/crowding. She did a terrific job of cheering for Doodle's team today, and she followed the action well. At one point, I lost track of the score because I was deep in conversation, but Tootle knew. One of the other moms described the games as mommy playdates because they are an opportunity for moms to talk. I enjoyed my playdate, even if it was 90 degrees and humid. I guess this means that I can be labeled as an official soccer mom in this presidential election cycle.

There are no photos of the game because I remembered the camera, but left the memory card in the computer. Next time.

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