Friday, February 8, 2008


I adore kindergartners. The kids in Tootle's class were enthusiastic and inquisitive about Chinese New Year, and so very pleased to be horses or snakes. (No one was quite as precocious, however, as the boy in Doodle's kindergarten class four years ago who asked why China and Japan don't get along.) The 19 kids were wide-eyed as they made firecrackers by popping the bubblewrap and then worked together to parade their dragon throughout the school. All seven other kindergartnen classes were in the hallway to watch the parade, and a few of the older classes joined in the fun too. Several of the kids told me it was their best day ever (see what I mean about the enthusiasm). To see others' CNY photo, go here.


Anonymous said...
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Beverly said...

very cool dragon.