Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy New Year

In about an hour, I will gingerly put red envelopes filled with a "significant amount" of money under each girl's pillow, per the instructions of my coworker/friend who was born in Shanghai. Tomorrow I will go into Tootle's classroom for Chinese New Year. We will talk about new year's customs, read The Dancing Dragon and Sam and the Lucky Money, do a game involving the zodiac, do a dragon lantern craft, and have a parade throughout the school with our homemade dragon, created by Tootle and me last weekend. It should be fun as long as my cold and fever magically disappear.
Sadly Doodle has outgrown my CNY presentations. Fourth graders don't seem to have time for such things; the intensity level has stepped up a few notches this year. Fortunately I have two or three more years before Tootle too becomes too old, and my plans are already in place for the next two years (paper cuts in 1st grade and tangrans in 2nd grade).

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Beverly said...

At what age is the envelope supposed to have significant amounts of money? Glenys right now would be happy with just candy!