Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wii Bowl

Before the Super Bowl, we had a Wii Bowl with the girls facing off in baseball, tennis, and bowling. Doodle won all three games, leading to some tears from Tootle, who is not totally recovered from a virus that sent her temperature soaring to 104 on Friday.

Earlier in the day (10:30 a.m.) we saw the Hannah Montana 3-D movie. Tootle danced and danced at the front of the theater but Doodle and her friend were a bit more reserved, making two brief forays to the dance zone. As soon as we dropped Doodle's friend off after lunch, we headed to the ice rink for Tootle's skating lesson. This was one of those weekends where practically every minute was scheduled, and next weekend isn't much better. We have Chinese New Year events on Saturday. Doodle is invited to two birthday parties at the same time on Sunday; she has decided to go to both the swimming party and the solve a mystery party. This is possible because one of the parties is 4 hours long, but it will take some logistical planning on my part because I also have to find a way to get Tootle to her skating lesson. Sometimes I think mom is a synonym for chauffeur.

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Beverly said...

yes chauffeur, doctor, lawyer, all of it means mom depending on the situation.