Sunday, March 9, 2008

Doodle's Debut: Updated as FFFF

Doodle and her 4th grade classmates recently had their debut concert. The school's instrumental music teacher rocks, and he more than proved it at the concert. The concert was totally enjoyable, an extraordinary feat for kids who had been playing their instruments for four months, in my totally unbiased opinion. (OK, the clarinets were a little squeaky, but that's a really hard thing to get under control.) My one disappointment was that Doodle was hidden behind her music stand so I was unable to get any good pictures.

Doodle practices before the concert.Tootle and her posse play a Diego Nintendo DS game as they wait to see their siblings perform.
Doodle, the headless flutist.
The concert consisted of three selections performed by each instrument class, followed by a rousing finale by the whole band and orchestra.

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Beverly said...

I played clarinet from 7th grade through 12th. Hated it. Doodle looks great in her practicing pic. Glad to know how well they all did. They all look much older than 4th grade. I loved playing in a group orchestra or band, but I hated my instrument and practicing.