Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fireworks Prelude

By checking out the state fire marshal's web site, I discovered that we can see fireworks practically every night this week. Tonight we watched a local country club's fireworks from the lawn of the library. It was a beautiful night to catch fireflies, enjoy cool treats from the enterprising ice cream truck, and talk with friends and neighbors who also decided to come out for the show. Tootle sat on my lap and shrieked "that's the highest one yet" over and over again. She went to bed 2.5 hours after her usual bedtime and she is utterly incapable of sleeping in, so she is likely to be mighty tired in the morning. Hopefully she'll get more rest over the next few days so that she can enjoy Friday night's extravaganza with our China Moms group.

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AZMom said...

My kids are incapable of sleeping in too. LOL Glad they enjoyed the fireworks! We will be lucky if we can see any this year. Due to the lack of rain and the high cost of fireworks, a lot of places have cancelled their celebrations. :(

Thanks for stopping by again! I need to bookmark your site!