Thursday, July 10, 2008


Tootle doesn't start day camp until next week and most of her friends seem to be out of town this week so she has had a lot of down time. She could be spending her day watching TV and on the computer, within limits of course, but she has opted to spin a long, complicated story involving her Littlest Pet Shop characters and American Idol (a show she has never seen since it's on after her bedtime). Yesterday she sat on the floor for three hours straight making this story unfold. As I eavesdropped, it appeared that several of the singers were having trouble with their vocal coach. My favorite part isn't that the character named Archuleta wins (Doodle liked that part) but the names for some of the other "singers": Vanilla (bubblegum music, maybe?), Marshmallow, and Skin Brownie (sounds like a rapper to me).

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Donna said...

That is so cute...she has quite an imagination!