Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

We had a low key holiday. Doodle strained her hamstring muscle last night so we took it easy. Tootle enjoyed decorating her bike, and then riding through the neighborhood. Later we all went to the pool, where Doodle collected more than $2 in the coin toss and I dissuaded either of the girls from catching the goldfish that were released into the pool. I'm still amazed that they listened to me; all of their friends were scooping the fish up big time. Some families were going home with 30-plus fish. I thought enough people had complained about this cruel activity, but apparently not. The two fish that the girls brought home last year live on, but we don't need any more.
We skipped tonight's fireworks because of Doodle's injury and iffy weather. Fortunately we saw fireworks twice this week so no one was too disappointed.

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