Saturday, February 28, 2009


One afternoon this week, on what was as I recall a particularly busy day at work, Doodle called late in the afternoon to breathlessly report that the door on our oven had shattered, raining glass all over the kitchen. Fortunately no one was in the kitchen at the time, but according to eyewitness reports the noise was pretty loud. The oven wasn't even in use at the time. The interior metal and window glass of the door remain intact, but the exterior of the door, made of glass, is no more. I googled "GE Spectra XL 44 range glass" and discovered that this is not an uncommon occurrence, although it seemed to happen to most people more quickly than it did to us. I bought this range 7 years ago. I'm a bit surprised that GE never recalled the door. While the GE customer service rep was very nice and helpful, she didn't tell me what I wanted to hear about recall/replacement. The cost of a new door and labor is almost as much as a new range, so today I bought a new gas range. This one is stainless and has five burners. Doodle is particularly excited about the griddle for pancakes, etc. We can't wait for it to be delivered next week, and the best part is that the door isn't glass.


elizabeth said...

Yikes! I'm glad no one was hurt.

RamblingMother said...

Weird. Moving my stove the glass broke but my dad was able (thankfully) to replace the glass not the whole door. Glad no one was hurt.

AZMom said...

YIKES!! Hubby just cleaned the glass in our range door and the door fell on him and almost broke his arm. I am thinking the next range we have will not have glass either.

I would LOVE to have a gas stove again but we have NO gas in our house. Enjoy it for me!