Monday, February 2, 2009

The Dorky Mimic

Last year Tootle's best friend was a boy; their teacher thought of them as a pair and seriously wondered how they would make it through the summer without one another every day. This year Tootle and J are in the same class again, but their friendship has cooled off. I suspect that the other boys teased J about playing with a girl so much. Tootle has been hurt by this change in their relationship, but she has lots of friends so it hasn't been too devastating. Tonight at bedtime we had the following conversation about Tootle's day:

Tootle: During the first half of recess I played with J and N (both boys). That was unusual. They were chasing my friends (all girls) so I told J I wouldn't do that. He said he would play with me. That was really unusual. We played Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Me: What did you do? Sing Funkytown or Witch Doctor?

Tootle: No we were fighting chipmunks who were transfomers. I was Simon and J was Alvin.

Me: Did you at least use high squeaky voices like this (I did a pretty good imitation, or so I thought)?

Tootle: No. Mom, you are such a dork.

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