Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two Lion Dances in One Day

Tootle and her friend C wait to feed the hungry lion lettuce and hong bao at International Night at school.Tootle bravely puts her hands into the lion's mouth. Her reward is having lettuce thrown into her face. Tootle and her friend A after visiting booths for 20 or so different countries and having their faces painted with Chinese characters. The one on Tootle's forehead says "love."
Earlier in the day we enjoyed dim sum with 25 of our China Moms friends. This is the first year that Doodle hasn't worn traditional dress for this event. At least she's still willing to go. The 10 and up crowd had their own table this year. The youngest girl was 19 months (and made us all yearn for the days when we had a little one in the house), the oldest almost 12.
Tootle's new friend L takes Tootle's picture.
Doodle and her friend S; Tootle and L

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Donna said...

Wow, looks like your girls are having a great time celebrating the Year of the Ox!