Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gutterballs and Strikes

We finished up our winter break by going duckpin bowling. The lane had bumpers so gutterballs were impossible, but I feel like I've had a few real-life gutterballs since going back to work this week:

  • I'm so swamped that I'm working from 9:30 or so until midnight every night.

  • Doodle's substitute math teacher gave so much math homework that she spent 90 minutes on it before I insisted that she call it quits. At least one kid in the class completed all the work, spending 3 hours on it. Ridiculous.

  • We haven't even had a trace of snow yet this season, just lots and lots of cold icky rain.

We've also had a few strikes this week:

  • I was able to refinance my mortgage, saving me money each month.

  • Tootle is making great progress in reading. She is starting to read chapter books and is so motivated to learn.

  • Doodle got a perfect score on her Thanksgiving letter writing assignment. I received the original of the letter as a gift at Thanksgiving, but the grade wasn't issued until this week. It was a beautiful letter, and it made me cry, so anything less than a perfect score would have been inexcusable.

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