Monday, January 12, 2009

Prelude to an Inauguration

Living in the DC area and being Democrats means that we have inauguration fever--and a four-day weekend coming up. I think we'll be satisfied watching the historic inauguration ceremony and parade on TV (we'll be able to see more, and we'll be warm). I'd love to score tickets to the kids' concert at the Verizon Center on the 19th, but it's probably a long shot (and it will be shown on the Disney Channel). We did take a trip downtown yesterday to visit the official inauguration store. I got each of the girls a keepsake and some pins. Doodle liked this dazzling t-shirt but I vetoed her request. The girl has expensive taste. Tootle's favorite keepsake is the special inauguration Metro farecard; this was the first time that she was old enough to get her own subway ticket. We also stopped at Union Station for lunch; there was a nice display about all 44 presidents in the Main Hall. Tootle was particularly excited to hear about Abraham Lincoln, and Doodle spent some time learning more about No. 44, Barack Obama. We also saw no fewer than two lifesize, but not very lifelike, cardboard cutouts of Obama.

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