Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Days Are Here Again

We watched the inauguration of Barack Obama in our living room rather than braving the crowds and the weather. Being less than 10 miles from the events of the past few days, however, led to some unusual sightings for us:

* Trips to our local grocery store resulted in unusual sightings: lots of fur coats and at least one Rolls Royce.

* We also bought some Jones Orange "You Glad for Change" soda. On our next trip to the store, the soda was sold out.

* On the way to pick up Doodle from a sleepover on Sunday morning, in the span of time that we waited for a light to change at a cross street to a major route into the city, we saw no fewer than 22 loaded tour buses.

* I saw Obama and his motorcade as he left The Washington Post last week, as the result of a well timed trip to the pharmacy near my office to pick up something for Doodle.

I've lived in this area for six other inaugurations and I've never seen anything quite like this (even though I attended Clinton's first swearing in and the Reunion on the Mall of concerts and fireworks that preceded it). I hope and pray that this momentum and sense of togetherness will go far in turning this country around. Yes we can.

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elizabeth said...

That's really exciting to be so close to the action! Cool soda bottles, too =) I have a renewed sense of faith in our country...yes we can!