Monday, February 19, 2007

Snow Much Fun

One week after the big snow/sleet/ice mess, the girls are finally going back to school tomorrow. Doodle's Valentine's Day party has been canceled, and Tootle's Pre-K I Love You Luncheon has been postponed until this Friday. Doodle went to the office with me last Thursday and Friday; I'm going to miss her tomorrow. She did homework, read, played Club Penguin on the computer, and charmed my coworkers.
The ice is still so hard that I can walk on top of it to put out the trash and recycling. A few things to look forward to this week: the thaw that will make the storm a memory, quesadillas made by Doodle at her cooking class tomorrow after school, and the I Love You Luncheon, where Tootle and her classmates will prepare and serve lunch to their loved ones.

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