Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tootle's Twofer

Six weeks ago Tootle started ice skating lessons. Today the session ended, and the instructor tested the kids to determine their placement for the next session. All participants receive ribbons. If you don't move up to the next level, you receive a participant ribbon. If you do pass the test, the ribbon is a bit fancier. Today Tootle got not one, but two fancy ribbons. She took Tots 1, but she managed to become comfortable enough in skates to also pass the Tots 2 test, so she'll be in Tots 3 when lessons resume in two weeks. She is proud of her accomplishment, as is her big sister (and her mom). I'm not a very good skater--my right ankle only has about 90 percent mobility since I broke it four years ago--so the little one will soon be zooming ahead of me and acquiring skills that I won't be able to replicate. She aspires to spin, and I think she will eventually do it.

My determined Tootle also spent some time this afternoon trying to get the hang of the yo yo at the Chinese New Year program at a local library. By the time they kicked us out (she and a few other kids really didn't want to stop), she was starting to have some success. Tootle held her ears during the lion dance but she loved the dancing, martial arts, and yo yo performances. Many of our China Moms friends were there, and we struck by how many of the kids now have glasses and/or braces. They are growing up. Doodle wasn't at the library program; she was with her Brownies friends at a Thinking Day event. They got to ride a bus into the city, and she came home excited about the things she learned about other countries.

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