Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What If...

Tootle is very into asking what if... questions, except she has trouble with the "wh" sound and runs the two words together so it comes out sounding like "wolfif." She can say it correctly if she speaks slowly, but I've become fond of her version and don't correct her as much as I probably should. Here is a recent conversation that illustrates the depths of a four-year-old's curiosity.

Tootle: You're allergic to dogs. Wolfif you were allergic to cats?

Me: I'd have to take strong medicine (we have two cats).

Tootle: Wolfif you were allergic to fish?

Me: I've never heard of that happening, but I would have to take medicine, or we would have to find a good home for the goldfish.

Tootle: Wolfif you were allergic to horses?

Me: That would be OK because we don't have any pet horses, and we don't visit the stables very often.

The conversation continued for several more minutes, becoming sillier by the second as Tootle asking wolfif questions about furniture, toys, and zoo animals. The wolfif questions always make me smile, no matter how tired I am. I think they're easier and more fun to answer than the "why" questions that she loved asking six months to a year ago. I want this stage to continue for a bit longer.

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