Monday, April 23, 2007

Ex Mommy

As I weeded and tried to make our backyard look semi presentable yesterday, Doodle gave Tootle lessons in climbing and jumping off of our faded, nearly 7-year-old Little Tikes 8-in-1 adjustable playground (by next year it likely will have a new home, hopefully with the 18-month old who lives next door). Doodle showed herself to be a patient, encouraging instructor, and Tootle was very respectful of her teacher. At the end of the "lesson," they hugged and decided to play house instead. Doodle became Tootle's mom, which led them to have the following conversation with me:

Doodle: Mommy, I'm Tootle's mom now, and you're ex mom.

Me (sounding incredulous): Ex mom? You're firing me?

The twosome huddled and then Doodle said, I'm mom and you're mommy.

Later the neighbors got a good chuckle as Tootle kept calling to "Mom" while scootering, and Doodle responded: "Stop calling me mom. I'm not your mom anymore."

Over the years, I've been Mama, Mom, Mommy, Mommy-o, and even Mrs. O'Mommy (Doodle's first preschool teacher had an O' name, which prompted her to rename me for a short time), but never before have I been called Ex Mom. I'm glad we're not getting a divorce.

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