Saturday, April 7, 2007

Jam Packed Saturday

We started off our day with a Easter egg hunt, held indoors because of the dusting of snow that we woke up to this morning. Tootle had fun playing pin the tail on the bunny and doing crafts, while Doodle helped hide eggs and assisted the younger kids with the hunt. From there, we went ice skating for two hours. Tootle is very proud of her latest trick: she can skate on one foot (and for longer than I would expect her to be able to do it: the kid has incredible athleticism and balance too). We had a late lunch at the mall, where we stopped to find a sweater that Doodle could wear with her Easter dress. Who knew that we would be hit with winter in April. Next we rushed home and colored eggs. The girls are pretty proud of the results. After dinner, we made chocolate chip mini muffins for Easter brunch at church. After Tootle went to bed, Doodle, who no longer believes in the Easter Bunny (or Santa or the Tooth Fairy), helped me fill eggs with goodies for our traditional Easter egg hunt. Doodle finally went to bed, giving me a chance to load up their Easter baskets. Whew, this bunny is pretty tired, and this may be the first time I've sat in a chair today.

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