Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nine Things About Doodle

In honor of Doodle's 9th birthday, here are nine things that I love about her (in no particular order):

1. Doodle is a good bargain hunter. She was already an excellent shopper at the age of 7 months; she kicked her legs in excitement as we looked at the goodies on Shaiman Island in Guangzhou. At 3, sales clerks gaped at her in astonishment when she would look at a price tag and say, "Mommy, we can't but this because it's not on sale." That's my girl.
2. I know it sounds trite, but she really is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She is loving, caring, and giving. Her inner goodness shines through.
3. Doodle looks out for her friends. Every Wednesday her school has a school store where they sell fancy pencils, erasers, and other goodies. Doodle often uses some of her money so she can get something for twin friends who can't afford to buy anything.
4. She is a patient, kind sister. Sometimes when I am unable to comfort Tootle because I am frustrated with her tantrum-like behavior (fortunately becoming less frequent), Doodle is there to step in and soothe away the tears.
5. She is musical. I regret that I didn't learn how to play an instrument. I get great enjoyment and satisfaction out of listening to her play the piano. She is excited about learning to play the flute in school next year.
6. She loves to be thrilled. She is great fun at an amusement park, and there is nothing better than riding a rollercoaster with her.
7. She loves to write. Doodle often sits down at the computer and pounds out a story or a poem. One of her poems will be in the Love Without Boundaries Love's Journey 2 book.
8. She loves games. Many nights after Tootle goes to bed, we play a game. Doodle is highly competitive but manages to quash the impulse to cheat.
9. Doodle is an excellent teacher. When she instructs her sister on important matters like how to play a Gameboy game, her directions are clear, her tone is encouraging, and her patience is impressive. Her teacher last year, who screamed far too often, could have taken a few tips from her.
I'm proud of the terrific young lady my girl has become.

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