Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dr. Seuss, or Seuss I Am

For Doodle's last book report project of the year, she read a biography of an American who has greatly influenced our country and then gave a presentation as that individual. This week her class invited parents to a "wax museum" where the kids came to life and gave their presentations after you pressed their button. Doodle chose Dr. Seuss and presented her report in rhyme:

My name is Dr. Seuss
For 87 years my imagination was on the loose
I’m a children’s book author and a class clown
Who wrote about the Grinch and Mr. Brown
And Horton and Yertle and the Cat in the Hat
Whose picture is on beginner books and placemats

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1904
I was in a family of four
Father, mother
Sister and brother
Father made beer
Which made Temperance people jeer

I loved to sketch
People liked my drawings, and I continued to etch
In high school, I enjoyed popularity
I was known for hilarity
I went to Dartmouth College
Where I improved my knowledge

On a boat trip the ship’s beat
Led me to write And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street
I wrote and illustrated 44 books
They helped kids learn to read, that’s all it took

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