Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lava Girl

Tootle has a wonderful imagination and loves pretend play. Often moments after waking up, she is engaging her Little Pet Shop characters or stuffed animals in play. If she can't find a stuffed animal or a figurine, anything will do, including dry erase markers. I'm not sure why I bother to buy her toys. Tootle has a low, raspy voice, but when she speaks as one of these characters, her voice is high pitched and squeaky.

Last night when we were playing outside after dinner, Tootle turned into Lava Girl, who climbed to the top of the playhouse and needed to be rescued from the bubbling lava. According to Tootle, everyone else in the yard--Doodle, Doodle's friend, our next-door neighbor and her toddler son, and me--had magic powers and could safely walk on the lava. After carrying my 47-pound daughter to safety one too many times, I convinced her that I could transfer my magic to her by holding her hand. I can't wait for the further adventures of Lava Girl.

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