Saturday, May 19, 2007

Surgery Soundbites

Tootle had her ear tube surgery at 8:45 Friday morning. Here are a few soundbites from our day.

1. We had to leave the house before 6 a.m. Tootle woke up as I dressed her, but I encouraged her to go back to sleep for the drive to the hospital. Her reply: "I can't. It's too morning."

2. The highlight of the day was the elevated moving sidewalks that take you from the parking garage to the hospital's main lobby. Tootle said, "I'd like to have these in our house."

3. The surgery was quick and routine. In recovery, Tootle had a red popsicle. It's a popsicle that I won't soon forget: a stain from it remains on Tootle's car seat cover even though I put it in the washing machine as soon as we got home. Yes, Tootle vomited on the way home. The poor kid's legs were soaked down to her underwear.

4. In spite of the trauma of the trip home, by the middle of the afternoon, Tootle was ready to run around the backyard and reprise Lava Girl.

5. Today Tootle happily told me that her ears aren't popping anymore. Yeah!

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