Saturday, December 15, 2007

Conversations with Tootle: Saturday Edition

Today Tootle said, "Mommy, write this down. I want to be an elf when I grow up."

"An elf? Why do you want to be an elf?" I asked.

"Because I'd get to be with Santa," Tootle replied.

When we went skating this morning, also on the ice was one of Tootle's best friends, who was afraid to let go of her parents' hands so she could learn to skate on her own. Tootle joined in the fun, continually telling her friend to "step, step, glide." Eventually Tootle came over to me and said, "I've been thinking. E. really should take lessons." I advised her to tell her friend because I knew that her parents are trying to convince her to take lessons since everyone else in the family loves to skate. Tootle thought about that for a nanosecond and then said, "No, I can't. She wouldn't want to be my friend anymore." E.'s mom later confirmed Tootle's assessment.

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