Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Quiz

A few years ago I replaced the annual holiday letter with a more light-hearted holiday quiz. Here is the 2007 edition:

1. Doodle loves to have jam sessions where she accompanies a CD on her flute. Her favorite to get down to is:
A. Mozart
B. Twelve Girl Band
C. High School Musical 2
D. Carrie Underwood

2. Tootle broke her right wrist in two places and had a cast for five weeks this fall. Her motto during this time was:
A. Have Sharpie, Please Sign
B. So Glad I’m a Leftie
C. What Do You Mean No Monkey Bars?
D. All of the above

3. Tootle loves kindergarten. Her favorite school activity is:
A. Computer station (even if she can’t log on to Webkinz)
B. Recess (even if she can’t swing on the monkey bars)
C. Reading
D. All of the above

4. Doodle, now a 4th grader, played on a soccer team this fall for the first time since she was 4. The Dynamites were division champions, and Doodle can’t wait to play again in the spring. The teammates try every position and Doodle’s favorite was
A. Goalie (nobody scored against her)
B. Defender (it’s hard to get past her)
C. Midfielder (she assisted in a goal)
D. All of the above

5. Donna played in the end of season parent-Dynamites game even though she had never played soccer before. She played defender and:
A. Had some nice passes to teammates
B. Kicked the ball straight into the stomach of a 6 year old opponent
C. Fell after kicking the ball, but only once
D. All of the above

6. Nana has much more free time now that Tootle is in kindergarten. She fills her time:
A. Reading
B. Shopping
C. Cleaning and cooking and making the family’s life much easier
D. Volunteering at school
E. All of the above

7. Tootle loves soccer and ice skating. Tootle wants to learn how to spin on the ice but right now she is learning
A. Snowplow stops
B. Crossovers
C. Both A & B

8. Doodle had a poem published in a coffeetable book about adoption from China. Her poem is titled:
A. Ode to a Ladybug
B. My Sister
C. Stop Copying Me

Answers: C, D, D, D, D, E, C, B

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Beverly said...

I think I like the Stop Copying Me title. You must hear that a lot!!