Thursday, January 10, 2008

FFFF Bling

Lissa's Friday foto challenge this week is Bling. I have taken thousands of pictures of Tootle in the last 2.5 years but I could only find a few where she is doing the bling thing. Tootle is a sporty girl, and the many dress up clothes and jewelry that Doodle enjoyed when she was younger are wasted on Tootle (although her friends enjoy our trunk full of stuff). Tootle loved a beautiful bracelet that a friend brought her from Turkey and wore it for about a day before putting it in her jewelry box. Tootle will never have a princess birthday party. Her idea of accessorizing is a watch or shin guards.
In the pictures, Tootle is 4, and Doodle is 5. Doodle had just been given the princess makeover at Club Libby Lu.


Beverly said...

Awww I like her bling.


AZMom said...

I was reading your entry post to find out about your girls. Our oldest are both the same age. :-) My oldest, like your youngest, is VERY VERY TALL for her age too :-)

I will be checking back in!