Friday, January 11, 2008

Three Reasons Why My Single China Moms Group Rocks

1. We spent a fun-packed afternoon last Sunday with another mom and her daughter, who is also from Doodle's travel group. Doodle's friend is a year older than her and they don't see each other as much as we would like, but they always have a blast when they're together. We ate lunch, went to a park, and went ice skating, all in the span of four hours.

2. One of the moms in our group announced this week that in a few months she and her two daughters are moving to China for several years. We can't wait to visit them there. I want to take Doodle back to her hometown before she becomes a teenager. I'm making tentative plans to go in 2009.

3. Another mom is snagging free tickets to a play in her community for our group. She does this every year, and the girls always enjoy the performance.

Our group soon will enter into its high season: Chinese New Year. We'll likely come together two to three times during the two-week celebration. I love having a fun, colorful holiday to celebrate in the midst of winter.

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