Wednesday, January 9, 2008

ISO a Wii Console

After playing with a family member's Wii over the holiday break, we all have decided that it's time to get one for our house. But it isn't easy. I've spent way too much time in the last week trying to track one down online. No stores in our area have had any recently. I follow one of those tracking sites, but it seems that the only times that any appear in stock online are when I'm in meetings or have just left the office for the day, and then the window of opportunity is less than 10 minutes. Doodle thinks that I should refuse to leave my office until I secure one. I had to inform her that I'm not going to lose my job just so she can have a Wii. The ironic thing is that the family member's Wii was secured by Nana at Target one Sunday in early November. At the time I didn't think we needed or wanted one, mainly because we have Game Cube, which no one ever plays with. I didn't realize the addictive power of the Wii Sports games. Perhaps hitting the refresh key so often is my training so I don't get an Wii arm injury.

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Beverly said...

Maybe nana should try to secure another one for a future birthday or something. She may have better luck than you.