Friday, August 15, 2008

Against the Odds

Imagine you're a Nationals player keeping loose during batting practice. You decide to throw one of the balls up to the 29 boys and 1 girl jumping up and down with their gloves in hand. Would you toss it to a girl or a boy? Both pitcher Odalis Perez and catcher Will Nieves went against the odds and threw balls to Doodle, and she easily caught them both. The dads and boys around us were all grousing that they always throw the balls to the cute girls. We left the area after Doodle got the second one for her sister so that other people could have a chance. LOL. The ball has the MLB stamp on it and is labeled as a training/ practice ball. Now Doodle's goal is to catch a game ball, but that's trickier.

Doodle is a huge Mets fan, ever since the Nationals traded her favorite player to the Mets, so I sprung for tickets to Wednesday night's game. She was thrilled to be able to get her ball signed by one of the Mets' pitchers and to have some one-on-one time with me (and it was a long time: batting practice starts 2.5 hours before the game). Tootle stayed home with Nana; she isn't able to stay awake long enough for a night game yet.

Doodle checks the stats in the Sport section of the paper every day and frequently visits the Mets home page. I'm curious to find out what she'll do if the Mets dump her favorite player. She may like backing a winning team so much that she'll stick with them. The Mets creamed the Nats 12-0; it was a painful game to watch.


Beverly said...

Oh my what a great night. How fun!!

AZMom said...

Doodle sounds a lot like me as a kid!! If you ever are out this way, we can all go to a game togeher. :-) I'm jealous of her autographed ball. :-)